-Haiku -

A minimal form of only 17 syllables


luceat lux vestra
- non sibi, sed patriae -
nulli secundis.

~ or ~

Let your light shine through
- not for self, but for country -
second to nothing.

The taste of her smile
left him breathless, the still air
so quiet, it's like

ab initio,
in flagrante delicto 
dulce periculum

~ or ~

From the beginning,
caught blazingly red handed -
so sweet the danger!

She sees the seas seize
the two-toed toad, towed to the
foul sink of synced fowl.

amor me vincit

quod me nutrit me destruit

quo usque tandem

video et taceo

vivere est amor

nunc scio quid sit amor

quid est veritas

in caritate et virtute

vi et animo

ex nihilo nihil fit

veratis vincit


~ or ~


Love, it conquers me -

what nourishes me, destroys -

for how much longer?

I see clearly in silence -

to live is to love.

Now that I 'know' what love is,

I ask 'What is truth?'

With love as well as courage,

with heart and with soul -

nothing, it comes from nothing:

truth, it conquers all.

Her pain affects me -

she doesn't even know love,

yet her heart still breaks.

Nocturne #9:

Tremolo in Middle C


Itsuo Inouye  /  AP

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