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‘On Biting Into A Strawberry’


A tongue slides over freshly stubbled flesh,

in tease just to appease relentless thirst.

As fingertips eclipse soft locks, in thresh,

the wait to sate would make most taste buds burst.


Anticipation stirs the beast within,

in lure to taste of chaste fruit forbidden.

Rapacious teeth unleash 'pon rosy skin,

enticing dripping sugar's slip to chin.


A swallowed sip turns into depletion.

Such satisfaction escapes description.

Whilst open lips insist to try again,

shut eyes imply endorphin's rush begins.


Exceeding needs by greed beyond fathom,

releasing deep as cosmic or chasm.


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All art, photos and writing by Alex Ottenstein

‘Sounds of Freedom’

‘Beggar in Moonlight’

Winds' chill will fill then still his eyes' dry cry. 
So scorned and shattered, adorned in tatters; 
the scores ignore his poor implores, but why 
forgo 'Hello' as though he never mattered? 

In cold or heat, his seat's the streets' concrete. 
The passers-by despise his eyes' contact; 
the hustle and the bustle help delete 
this shrew from view - a disappearing act. 

Between routines, to just be seen, he seeks. 
So unaware he's there, their cares flare free. 
The only time they find resigned to speak, 
is when their packs swing smack into his knee. 

You stupid beggar, MOVE!' their voices cry -
through with abuse, he issues a reply…


“That knowledge you find,

so unlawfully carnal—

please refer yourself.”

‘The Lonely Tree’

The Dark Side of Your Room

I know they stand and fight outside your door,

in line to vie for what you have to give.

Only they're seeking lust - that's it - no more,

as though their loins need you to really live.


So when the end decides to run it's course

where beauty fades into the black of night,

I'll be in wait to find your loving source

and flood your life with my undying light.


It shines so bright for you when fueled by love,

that nothing can reduce such burning flame -

the wind cannot rescind, nor skies above,

unleashing forty days and nights of rain.


So in the dark I stand alone, bereft,

in hopes to try and find your love, 'fore death.

In hopes eventually you'll speak to me,

I seethe to breathe beneath hearts' fleeting beat.

Outdone, I'm on the run with reeling feet,

as time reminds that nothing's really free.


The great gig in the sky that I indict,

knows love, not money is my currency -

to distance us and them, I'll spend in spree,

then dye said sky any colour you like. 


As brain damaged refrains infuse my view,

due to imagined lips' eclipse tonight,

I'll lose to lunacies lamenting fight,

and bruise my handle on this door to you.


So if this starts your heart with love anew,

I'll see you on the dark side of your room.

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It's though we know that life's some show, infused

with views that choose to disregard what's right,

while plight is spurned to turn it's vicious screws

as bridges burn seditious without fight.


Despite our needs, most sight's on greed increased

from feasting 'neath the feats of those we slight -

inciting exploitation under leash,

released when we decree the time is right.


Coerced, the poor are scorn then torn to piece,

decreased as more stand shore and won't reverse.

Dispersed, their land's sown into loan, then lease -

where's cease to scores of wars that feel rehearsed?


Adverse, we must divert this drought's increase,

as Earth's submersed in thirst for worldly peace.


A fight each night begins as I contend

that vengeful thief called 'silence' steeped in spite,

inciting sleep to deplete me to ends,

pretending sheets won't see me weep 'til light.


Insomnia defeats the chance to dream;

mean circumstance will force meek submission.

Within my mind I find resigned to scream,

redeeming time in this confined prison.


The twists and turns are indiscernible.

Unstable thoughts return in stern persist,

resistance sought is lost to vicious duel;

this fool lays wide awake, the clock insists.


Although I've decomposed from nose to toes,

I know my eyes will still deny to close...

Arsenic (Sonnetarium)