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                                             Misc. Verse                   

                                       Just Dessert.


Baby Bear was bewildered there, nose against window,

breath fogging, mind jogging, seeing his 'First Snow'.

Wanting to play away the day, staring out with a smirk,

watching Daddy, leaving sadly, off on his way to work.

Lunch in hand, he couldn't stand, when poppa blew away,

(on a whim, the wind took him, but set him down okay).

The little guy began to cry, dying to see the outside,

so Mamma Bear, with tender care, decided to confide:

"It's time to see how life can be, go on out, my son -

please heed to carefully proceed, as you have your fun!"

Baby Bear, barely aware, ripped open the front door,

brave and bold, ignoring cold, ready to go for sure.

With cautious pace in open space, stepping into white,

he ran around, up and down, the hills until the night.

He was gone, all too long, against his momma's demand -

and momma don't roam, out the home, ever - understand?

He got back, her verbal attack, launched with a tear,

she explained, without refrain, everything she feared.

But Baby Bear didn't scare, and told her what he found:

"Many things Mother Nature brings are all around the town!

I didn't know, its name although, I knew it was a tree;

but I saw a sign that did define, it's called 'broccoli'!

Those brown blocks, aren't rocks, rather they are 'rolls',

bed sheets are made of 'cheese', it comes with little holes!

That sweet snow, you should know, will fatten up your gut -

I love the taste of those flakes my friends call 'coconut'!

Then I saw Sam, our mailman, the little gray field mouse -

have you known, that our home, is called a Ginger House?"

All of the sudden, the lights were flooding, wind picking up,

when a giant hand, under human command, started to disrupt.

The Bear's world shaking, from being taken, out of the fridge ,

to hearty delight, of guests tonight, whilst they play bridge.

Then Baby Bear, with innocent stare, started getting excited -

"You can see, it's a party!! Do you think we've been invited?"

First Snow, by  Pete Revonkorpi

            Baby Drump and the Thumpitty Bump

                          In the style of Dr. Seuss

                    Co-written with J-Mag Guthrie

It was just before bed, when the youngest Drump said
"Mommy, please, don't make me go!
Since the sun hasn't set, and it isn't dark yet,
can I keep playing instead?"

'I am still saying no, so it's off you shall go,
I just know you'll dream sweet things!
In your jammies so white, on this wonderful night,
you sleep tight, 'til tomorrow!'

"But you know the dark brings, the most greptatious things, 
the worst of which are The Bumps!
I can hear them out there, and they give me a scare -
(it's double for ones with wings!)

I keep getting the jumps, from their strange colored lumps,
and I hear the worst are clear!
They come in all sizes, and some wear disguises -
(and they groan the loudest grumps!)"

'There is nothing to fear, from the sounds that you hear,
if you don't know what they are!
You should take it from me, that these things you can't see
just might be full of great cheer!’

"If they played the guitar, or brought jacks in a jar,
I think that they might be okay...
but I'm scared they will be...ten feet taller than me...
I'll run - I swear I'll run far!"

Mommy went on to say
 'Bumps are more than okay,
even fun if you just look! 
They're on clouds, streets and trees, even elephant knees,
and the hills on which you play!’

But they might have a hook, or a zazzilly zook,
waiting to tear me to bits! 
With their teeth and their sneer,

                                          that they make when they're near -
just like in my comic book!”

'No, they won't give you fits, or wear face masks or mitts, 
there's no need to be dismayed!
I am sure you'll be fine, you sweet Drumpling of mine -
just please remember your wits!’

“I suppose if they stayed...If they like lemonade...
If they brought candy in sacks…”
*Then there came a loud sound!*

                                         Baby Drump looked around. 
"Now I am really afraid!"

'You must try to relax, and consider the facts - 
that was the washing machine!
When I count down from ten, you will hear it again,
as it spins my dress and slacks!"

"So your clothes getting clean, sounded angry and mean -
it wasn't some scary thing?"

"If you know what you hear, then you won't need to fear,
those unseen sounds that Bumps bring!"

                                                  Eyes Wide Open

Welcome to 5th and Broad, I hope you're feeling grand,
                        help yourself 
to some hors d'oeuvres, please enjoy the band!'
 my birthday costume ball, as I have preferred,
                        the guests arrived in elegance, e
very one chauffeured.

                              How surreal to walk into a room full of unknown friends -
                              familiar faces wrapped in masks, so
 fantasy transcends.
                              Men in black body cloaks, women in gloves
 and gowns,
                              some were holding scepters, 
while other ones wore crowns.

                        Undressing the room to myself, identities unfold - 
                        all except 
the unknown guest wearing a mask of gold.
                        Our eyes then locked, I see 
intrigue, guarded by black hair,
                        and moist lips but 
above all else, I'm lost in sultry stare.

                              I look away, then back again, the mask of gold is gone!
                              In frantic search I 
see the worst - my mystery withdrawn.
                              Columns of people in the way, I'd die to find those 
                              yet who
 that was I couldn't say, as if some cruel surprise.

                        Just then a glance, and all is well, hot persuit resumes,
                        I almost run while catching up, my everything 
blind chase, lusting along, tasting the temptation,
                        I followed
 fate to an empty room, without hesitation.

                              The door slipped shut, silently, by my object of desire,
                              before I spoke, a quiet finger prevented my inquire.
                              The lights went out, and 
I was grabbed, in the blinding black,
now was I allowed to peel the gold mask back.

                        I cannot say how long we stayed, pent in that room -
                        but however long wasn't long enough, that you can 
                        I was given everything
 this starving soul could want,
                        except the
 pleasure of the name, of who pulled this stunt. 

                              I said goodbye as my secret shimmered towards the door,
                              bedazzled, breathless, I 
requested, how I could get more.
                              A kiss 
was blown, I stood alone, to figure out the task -
                              since that day, in
 love I pray, for that golden mask.


Welcome to my very surreal fantasy,
and while undressing the intrigue above,
I see eyes that just consume blind fate silently.
I now can assume this pleasure I requested was love.

Consenting Curiosity, by Ashley Hyatt



Trick or treating, within the wood,

brings a greeting to bright red hood.

Her heart's beating, fast like it should,

though the meaning's misunderstood.

This chance meeting cannot be good.


Upon demand, of covered skin,

he takes her hand and leads her in.

Can she withstand his hungry grin?

She'll find firsthand from deep within,

his wolfen gland is fueled by sin.


With beaded eyes, reflecting red,

through her demise, he shall be fed.

As fingers pry, and clothes are shed,

to taste her thigh is in his head -

a moaning sigh is all that's said.


To his delight, she's just as rough -

all through the night, never enough.

No end in sight, nor blunt rebuff,

she loves to bite, and strut her stuff.

He holds on tight, while hanging tough.


Life can't deter, it's plain to see

their hearts concur, internally.

This love incurs a lust that's free,

of loins impure, insatiably -

Consenting curiosity...

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