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                       Krista, Johnny,

                      friends and family,



Celebrate, with us, and grab your glass,

on second thought, you may need a few,

as I present to you what comes to pass

when making a crabcake or two.


It's a secret that's guarded close,

but you will see just what's inside,

when served by a cook who's grandiose,

with his best friend at his side.


The foundation must be good and strong,

it can't be made up overnight -

so when true love first came along,

they grabbed it and held it tight.


Equal parts spice and elbow grease,

to make a meal so devine.

With jumbo lumps that never cease,

their recipe shapes over time.


Held together by a passionate crust

through a naturally perfect design,

turn up the heat and cook it with trust

and we're almost ready to dine!


A little work with a skilled spatula

and then you find without warning,

that all this love cooked up lil' Emma -

who's happy all day, cause she starts in the morning!


(So she's a baby crabcake who's not really that crabby -

which means she's more like Mommy than Daddy!)


- but -


I digress, distract, make jokes and poke fun,

so lets set all that stuff aside,

now that your lives have really begun

and you have each other to guide.


You see, love will test you frequently,

that it comes back is what makes it true -

sometimes you have just to look to see

that it's been standing in front of you.


- so -


When a curious Johnny found his beautiful Rose

as he was running around with his drill,

their love has flourished since he proposed,

and they've still not gotten their fill.


May your get-aways be to the bluest of bays,

and your temptations be lovingly shared,

for love, like wine, gets better with age,

and when it's fine, nothing else compares.


Here's to a marriage of substance and style,

that was made for movies and books!

Now, raise your glass high, and share a smile

and help me welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks!


                                © ANO2011               

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Mr. & Mrs. Brooks’ Wedding Toast